Dark and Darker

Unlock the full potential of your gaming experience with Dark and Darker. Our instant interaction feature allows you to seamlessly open doors, chests, loot bodies, steal gold, pickpocket, open portals, and lockpick with ease.

Take your game to the next level with our deadly bone Aimbot. Instantly lock onto players and NPCs, giving you the upper hand in any battle.

Stay one step ahead of your competition with our full lobby overview feature, displayed at the top left of your screen. Know exactly who is alive, what class they're playing and their level in real-time.

Our ESP visuals give you an unparalleled advantage, with the ability to see everything in the game, including players, monsters, items, chests, mimics, portals, traps, and levers. Personalize your gameplay experience with our config loader feature, allowing you to save and load configs created by other users. Upgrade your game with Dark and Darker today.

We designed our software to be accessible to everyone, with no requirements. Our aimbot supports all windows versions and builds and all processors. Additionally, our aimbot bypasses Dark and Darkers anti-cheat, and you will receive automatic key delivery after purchase. Stream Proof and no FPS loss is guaranteed. Upgrade your game with our powerful and feature-rich aimbot today!

Till end of playtest

Till end of playtest

Will return in February during the next test phase, see you then!


  • Aimbot (Players & NPCS)
  • Fast Attack Speed
  • Instant Interaction Speed (Open doors, picklock, loot, portals instantly)
  • Instant Consumption Speed (Instant potions and surgical kits)
  • Instant Magical Attack (No cast time for spells)
  • Instant Abilities (All abilities like meditate etc are instant)
  • Free Camera
  • Field of View changer
  • Lobby overview list, with alive, level and class information
  • Player Chams
  • NPC Chams
  • Player Name ESP
  • Player Skeleton ESP
  • Player Health ESP
  • Player Box ESP
  • Monster ESP (Common, Elite, Nightmare)
  • Monster Health ESP
  • Chest ESP (Small, Medium, Large, Special)
  • Item ESP
  • Mimic ESP (Fake chests)
  • Portal ESP
  • Secret Door Lever ESP
  • Trap ESP (Floor Traps, Wall Traps, Hunter Traps)
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Config saving and loading
  • Supports all windows versions and builds
  • Supports all processors
  • Bypasses anti-cheat
  • Automatic key delivery after purchase
  • Stream Proof
  • No FPS loss
  • Internal with support for full screen or borderless window
  • 16:9 resolution monitors
  • Fast Support
  • Safe payment methods




The Barbarian is known for his hardy nature, fiery temper, and ability to endure immense pain. His rage and reckless abandon allow him to lead the charge into battle.

  • + Extreme Health.
  • + Damage bonus with 2H Weapons.
  • + Innate magic resistance
  • - Slow base movement speed.
  • - Slow attack speed.
  • - Slow interaction speed.

The Cleric is a soldier of immense faith. The Cleric uses his sacred bonds to his gods to call forth the protective powers of light and to vanquish the forces of dark.

  • + Casts healing and protective spells
  • + Able to equip some plate armor
  • + Bonus damage to the undead
  • + Adept with many blunt weapons
  • - Slow attack speed
  • - Slow interaction speed
  • - Low damage bonus

The Fighter is a jack of all trades when it comes to combat. Well-versed with a multitude of weapons and armaments, the Fighter can hold his own against anyone.

  • + Can equip most weapons & armors.
  • + Well-rounded attributes.
  • + Has the ability to sprint
  • - Dependent on equipment
  • - Cannot cast any spells

The Ranger is an excellent survivalist. With a keen eye and quick hands, the Ranger tracks his enemies, sets traps and ambushes unsuspecting prey.

  • + Quick with the bow.
  • + Track enemy players.
  • + Set traps.
  • + Quickly start a campfire.
  • - Cannot equip most melee weapons.
  • - Low damage with melee weapons.

The Rogue is a master of deception able to silently slip between the shadows to work his dastardly deeds. His dexterous hands enable him to quickly loot riches, pick locks, and disable various traps.

  • + High movement speed
  • + Quick attack speed
  • + Quickly interact with objects.
  • + Can pick locks without a lock pick.
  • + Can detect & disable traps
  • + Moves more silently.
  • - Low Health
  • - Low damage bonus
  • - Low magic resistance

The Wizard calls forth the immense powers of magic to suit his needs. Whether that means summoning a powerful fireball to cast asunder his foes or to temporarily vanishing into thin air, his incantations are a sight to behold.

  • + Cast powerful spells
  • + Meditate to self-refresh spells.
  • + Wield magical weapons.
  • - Slow interaction speed
  • - Low physical damage
  • - Low Health


An Unforgiving Hardcore First-Person Fantasy Dungeon Adventure.
Unfathomable fortunes await the brave and the foolish willing to delve into the devastated depths of an ancient citadel. Band together with your friends and use your courage, wits, and cunning to uncover mythical treasures, defeat gruesome monsters, while staying one step ahead of the other devious treasure-hunters. Once you’ve plundered your riches, now comes the hard part, getting out alive. Find the hidden escape routes before the ever-expanding darkness reclaims your riches and your corpse to her irresistible hoard.

Irresistibly Classic
Dark and Darker aims to capture the wonder and awe of classic fantasy adventure games. We stand on the shoulders of giants and strive to pay respects to the traditions of the genre. We hearken back to the old worlds where danger lurks around each corner, but where courage and adventure are rewarded with untold riches.

Choose a role, party up!
Team up with friends and assemble a party to increase your chances of survival. Choose from a wide array of timeless fantasy roles and build the perfect three-person squad. Play as a brawny barbarian holding the frontlines while your sharp-eyed ranger friend fires arrows from afar and your merry bard sustains morale with a lively tune.

Unforgivingly Hardcore
Dark and Darker is a world of high risks and high returns. Explore a mystical underground fortress where the dangers are unrelenting and even the smallest misstep can result in death. Sound judgement reaps huge rewards, but death carries a heavy penalty with the loss of all your loot.

A focus on First-Person Combat
Dark and Darker strives for high immersion. Adventurers must use their eyes and ears like you would in the real world. Players must target, track, and aim against the countless challenges they encounter. We supply a wide array of close combat weapons that each have unique patterns to learn and master. Strikes to the head and back do critical damage. Knowing how to properly wield each weapon gives the player an edge to survive in this harsh world.

Old Magic
Magic is a powerful but unwieldy force in the world of Dark and Darker. Mastery requires long incantations, special skills, the right channeling equipment, and a tactical eye. Spells must be timed and aimed for maximum effect. For the magically uninclined, tinkering, knowledge of special equipment, and a little foresight can help level the field.

Comfort in the Shadows
The darkness is your friend in this unrelenting setting. Turn off lights and use the darkness to hide from foes or set up ambushes. If the tides of battles take a turn for the worse, blending into the darkness can lead to a stealthy retreat.

Discover hidden portals to delve deeper and deeper underground and uncover the most hideous monsters and invaluable artifacts. All the riches you collect are for naught if you can’t make it out alive. Find a rare exit before the dark swarm comes to collect your soul.

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