Dominate your in-game competition with our powerful software

KEKHACK gives you the power you are looking for


Deadly Bone Aimbot

Lock-on and eliminate opposing players or even entire squads with our deadly fast and accurate bone aimbots. You'll be topping the scoreboards in no-time.

Tactical 3D ESP

Track the locations of enemies, allies, items of interest and more, and always know the next move your opponent is going to make. Customize with Healthbars, Nametags, custom 3D Box types and more.

Easy In-Game Menu

Configure every feature of your cheat through a mouse-driven, easy to use GUI. Toggle features, drag sliders, move UI elements, save/load your settings and more!

Multi-level cheat security

From our dedicated cheat client to polymorphic code that makes it tougher than ever for anti-cheat.

Clean code

That won't compromise your PC, unlike the risk of infection from public cheats found online.


From the inception of every cheat we develop, we analyze existing game anti-cheats to attempt to deliver the most secure cheat possible.

What are you waiting for?